Temporarily Distracted By A Shiny Object…

Wow, I haven’t updated in a while. I figured it was about time so, Ta Da! Here I am again! I’m sure you’re excited. I can feel your enthusiasm through my keyboard. Damn, that’s some hardcore enthusiasm you’ve got going on there. Whew.

But anyway, this is just to update people on what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been taking photos here and there. Yes, rejoice! I’m beginning to break out of my non-creative slump! Woot!

The big thing in the last few days though was a cookout at my brother’s and his girlfriend’s place. The only people I really knew there was my brother and his girlfriend, oh and my mom too. [^_^] But people introduced themselves, which I’m not used to, and things got kicked off. Then the best part, the crazy ferret lady showed up with her babies (by babies I mean the ferrets obviously)! Oh man they were adorable. Zohan VonOtter and Thumper VonOtter. Those little guys were hilarious! I got to hold Zohan! He kept trying to crawl into my shirt for some reason. I’m telling myself he liked the smell of my deodorant but I’m thinking he just wanted a peek at the chi chis. Either’s possible I guess.

Now, I’ve wanted a ferret for like…ever. But I have cats. Not only would they be mean to one if I brought it home, they’d hate me for it.

Speaking of cats, mine just sneezed all over me and my computer. Nice. Thanks Tig. I appreciate it. Ek!

But anyway, getting back to my story here, I got a few cute pictures of the crazy little ferrets. Man those things move fast! Holy crap! Every time I started to press the shutter button, bam! They moved. Oi. I managed to catch them a few times.

And speaking of catching, Thumper caught me at one point. It was so cute. He was hopping along behind me and when I stopped and looked down he just kept right on going and pretty much head butted my ankle. Silly little thing. Silly.

So, all in all it was a decent day. The weather was nice, the company was decent (until people started to get drunk. That’s when I remove myself from the area), and there was plenty of food for everyone. I think everyone had a good time.

Let’s see, what else, what else…? Um…

Oh! I may have a lead on where my missing books are! Woot! I asked my brother at the cookout if he had seen them, cause I thought maybe I had leant them to him and forgot, though I know he wouldn’t have wanted to borrow the Death Gate Cycle, but possibly the copy of Dune. He said he didn’t have them and told me that while he was at dad’s going through stuff he had stored in the shed there he came across a tote with books in it and he says he thought he saw the books I was looking for in there. Now, I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I’m thrilled I might find my books and on the other I’m wondering why I would have ever put them in a tote out in the freakin’ shed of all places! I guess I’ll find out the next time I’m down at dad’s.

*crosses fingers* Please let them be there and be in decent shape. Please, please, please.

And one last tidbit I guess I could share, I found my NYIP (New York Institute of Photography) student advisor on twitter! Yay! I added him and he added me (though I don‘t know if he knows I‘m an advisee. I told him today though so he should!). This should be interesting.

Speaking of my photography course and school, etc. I should probably get busy on that. I have all the lessons read and tests done, now I just have to finish the photo projects and send them in. Woot! If I can crack down and do some serious work, I could probably have everything sent in by the end of the month. Yeah. That’s my short term goal. Finish my projects and get them sent in by the end of the month. You people hold me to this ok? Keep me on task so I don’t slack off.

Ok, I guess that’s enough for now.

Keep on rockin’ on!

[^_^] ~A.M.


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