Gettin’ Recognized For Showin’ Some Celldweller Pride!

Woot! Score! A while ago, we Celldweller fans were asked to send in some pictures of ourselves in what Celldweller gear we had. Sad little me, I only had the dog tag (which I attached to my red collar), but I still snapped a few shots of myself sporting my dog tag and sent them in. And Ta Da! I’m in the photo gallery on the FIXT website! (For those of you that don’t know FIXT is the company started/owned/run by Klayton A.K.A. Celldweller)

You can see me, and various other people sporting Celldweller gear here:

I guess I’ll take this opportunity to update things a bit.

I’m still waiting for my photography lights to get here. They’re on their way so it shouldn’t be long now. I did however receive the remote shutter release cord today and it is schweet! I’ve been wanting one of those bad boys for a while now but couldn’t find one at a decent price. Until now. Instead of the $45 for the name brand one to go with my Sony camera, I snagged one for $16 (shipping included!) that fits BOTH my Sony and Minolta cameras! SCORE!

What else….um…

Well, not to leave everyone on a down note but my printer is being a bitch. A major bitch. For some reason it’s not printing my photos. Every time I try, every combination I use regarding print quality and paper type yields the same sucky results. The coloring’s off on one. There’s lines through the next. The coloring messes up on the third. I’ve cleaned and aligned the nozzles several times and the ink level readouts seemed good. But I decided to take a chance and change the cartridges (after a did what I could to bleed the old cartridges dry so I wouldn’t waste ink by just throwing it away). I guess tomorrow we’ll see if that has any effect.

Cross your fingers, mon ami.

I guess that’s good for now.

Keep on rockin’ on!




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