I’m talking about fireworks here folks.  But you probably knew that already this being the 4th of July and all.

Anyway, I went to a fireworks show last night.  Why is that important, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.

First of all, it was the first fireworks show I’ve been to in…oh…ten or so years.  Yep, you read right.  A freakin’ decade.  All I can say is during high school the local displays left much to be desired, in college it pretty much rained every single year on the 3rd and 4th.  But this year I headed down to my brother and his girlfriend’s place to watch the fireworks their town sets off.

I was pleasantly surprised.  For a little town, they put on a pretty good show.  Now, of course I didn’t go just to kick back and be lazy, I brought my camera along.  I bring my camera everywhere, but that’s common for photographers.  So, seeing as this was the first fireworks display I’ve been to since I started seriously delving into the world of photography, it was the first fireworks display I had ever tried to photograph….um…Obviously.

All I’ll say is, I have much practicing to do.

Like many creative people, I’m my own worst enemy/critic.  I took (no joke here) over 700 photos and found only a handful that I thought were decent (thank goodness for digital).
I guess I’ll just have to read up on the subject again and see what other photographers do, what trick they employ to get good shots.

I hope everyone had a fun, and more importantly, safe, 4th of July.

Yay Independence Day!!

Keep on rockin’ on!




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