Baby Turtle

  Along the Sunrise Trail in eastern Maine that I often bike in the summer/fall months, there are several sections that are marked for caution as they’re sensitive turtle nesting habitats.


Most of the rides I went on last year, I didn’t see a single turtle until fall. September to be exact.   On one such bike ride, I stopped on a little bridge to take a drink of water and I just happened to look down and see a little baby turtle, just one, all by its lonesome, climbing a rock in the little brook running under the bridge.


Now, earlier on the bike ride I’d seen another baby turtle, but sadly it had been run over by a 4-wheeler [-_-,], so I was so happy to see this little one alive and kicking that, I’ll freely admit, I squealed a little.  


You have no idea how badly I wanted to scoop it up, take it home, and name it Donatello, but I know better than to mess with wildlife like that. It did make my day to see it and take a few pictures though!    


Until next time…




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