Having Some Gaming Fun




So last week (a few days ago, in fact) I leveled up!


To those that don’t speak nerd/geek lingo, that means it was my birthday. And for said birthday I finally snagged a copy of the new Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. It’s super awesome and I’ve already sacrificed countless hours of my life to it with no regrets!


In honor of my birthday gift to myself, here’s a picture of Link I took while out hiking a while ago…





Until next time…






Finding A New Local Trail

It’s always awesome when I stumble upon a new trail.  Especially when it’s local.

Recently, I found that the trail system in Machias had been expanded.  I’m not sure when this happened.  For all I know, these trails could have existed all along and I just never realized it.

Anyway, I decided to check out the new portion of trail.  Along the route, I came across an old car (I think it was a station wagon), rotting into the ground.  Every time I come across a crumbling vehicle in my hiking adventures, I always wonder about them.  Who did they belong to?  Why were they left?  And how did they get here?

As I was circling the car, taking a few pictures, I noticed something both odd and funny…


This little dude was just hanging out and again, I got to wondering what the deal was with him. Who made him? Who put him here? Why?


The things you find when hiking.



Until next time…





Roque Bluffs Wildlife Sighting




Typically, when I go for a hike, my wildlife sightings tend to be limited to birds, squirrels, chipmunks, snakes, and seal (when I‘m hiking a coastal trail that is). It’s quite rare that I see anything else. I still treasure the time I spotted a wild bunny on Campobello (I spotted two more on a bike ride a while ago so that was cool).


Well, on a recent hike at Roque Bluffs State Park, I spotted something I hardly ever seen on the trail.


I was moving right along, my mind in my own little world, and I came around a bend through some trees and saw this gal…




She was just standing there. I expected her to bolt when she saw me. Nope. I told myself “She’ll take off the minute you go for your camera.” But, again, nope. She stayed right there, staring at me, and let me get a few pictures.


I love wildlife sightings.




Until next time…





Creepy Things




Every once in a while, I come across a stunning vista, or a pretty flower, or a cute wildlife specimen, and every once in a while, I come across something… Creepy.


I already showed you folks the picture of the rock I saw on a beach that looked strikingly like a skull (enough so, I did a double-take). Well, recently, I went for a bike ride along the Sunrise Trail.


I was riding along, enjoying the sun and the day, and at first I didn’t notice this bit of creep, but when I did, my first thought was “Silent Hill.”



Now, this left me with many questions. Who did this belong to? Why was it sitting on the side of a recreational trail frequented by ATVs and bicycles? What the *bleep* is up with this?


I’m not sure I want to know…




Until next time…





Western Head Preserve




On my trip to Campobello that I mentioned earlier this month, I stopped by one of the visitor centers and picked up a few maps of trails I hadn’t heard of here in Maine.


Let’s stop and reflect on that for a second… I had to go to CANADA, to find trails in my own state of Maine. That’s just wrong. Step it up, Maine!


Anyway, I learned of a place close by a few of the other trails I frequent in the village of Cutler. In fact, I’ve driven by the road this new trail is on too many times to count and always wondered while passing it, “what’s down there?”


Well, I finally found out… Western Head Preserve…


But let me take a step back for a moment and tell you about the drive there. On the way to Cutler, I have to pass through a small town called Whiting and at a point where the road curves (there are lots of curves in this road so just take my word here), there’s a telephone pole with a huge Osprey nest built on top. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this in past posts or not…


Anyway, the Osprey were in full view from the road. One was in the nest, the other in the trees not far away. I took a few pictures of both and it was only upon reviewing the images at home that I noticed something…



It looks to me like this Osprey only has one foot. I can’t tell if the foot is just tucked, like a flamingo, or if the leg is missing altogether. Hopefully it’s just tucked.



Moving on to Western Head Preserve. After parking I had to walk down a dirt road a little way to reach the trailhead which brought me down to a small stone beach then into the woods, to another stone beach, back into the woods, to a third stone beach, and back into the woods once more. This trail’s shape is called a “lollipop.” It’s a length of trail that leads to a loop, then back out along the same trail.


The vistas on the far, seaward side of the loop were amazing. I took a few panoramas to share with you folks.








Until next time…