Photography Services

Audrey May Photography™, Maine, USA


As a professional photographer, I offer a variety of photography services.

These Include:


~ Portraits

Portraits of all types, including portraits for school and holidays, individual portraits of adults, children (and even pets!), as well as group and family portraits.


~ Events

Unfortunately, I have very little experience with event and wedding photography beyond casual shoots for friends and family‘s events.  However, I am planning to branch into that market professionally so be sure to check back often for updates!


~ Insurance Photographs

Photographs of your home, vehicle, property, etc. to keep for insurance purposes.


~ Nature Photographs

Photographs of the elements of Nature. Seascapes, sky, trees, geological formations, waterfalls, forests, and much more.

~ Artistic Prints

Artistic prints can include anything.  Portraits, Nature, Wildlife, Cemeteries, Digitally Altered photos, Etc.

Artistic prints are usually taken from my random photo sessions (i.e. a trip to the beach, a walk in the woods, etc.) but they can also be commissioned.  Have an idea in mind?  Let me know!  I’d be more than happy to work with you!

My artistic prints are sold in several forms: framed, non-framed (so you can choose the perfect frame to compliment your decor), and greeting cards (blank inside).


~ Photo Editing

Photo editing consists of adjusting many different levels such as brightness, contrast, color, etc.  Photo editing can also include alterations and effects such as black and white conversion, sepia tone, borders and designs, etc.


~ Photo Restoration

I have experience with restoring prints digitally.  Photo restoration consists of removing imperfections and damage to a print.  This includes removing dust, scratches, spots, stains, etc.