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Skyward Sword!


Here’s yet another post where I let my geek/nerd flag fly!


I’ve been a big fan of the Legend of Zelda series for a while now.  My favorite game has to be “Ocarina of Time” on the 3DS (I never had an NES), but “Skyward Sword” is a close runner-up.


I inherited a Wii console last year and only recently had the heart to start using it.  “Skyward Sword” along with “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” were the first Wii games I purchased and played (I’m behind the times, all I had for years was a PS2).


Anyway, the Link action figure I’ve been taking on my hiking trips is modeled after Link’s design in “Skyward Sword.”  So, on my last hiking trip to Quoddy Head State Park, I decided to recreate the famous “Skyward Sword” pose.


Skyward Sword Link

Get your geek on!



Until next time…