Holy Hike Batman! (Round 2)

Ah ha! Here we are, the first of August, a new month, and I actually have an update! Aren’t you happy! Of course you are. I can feel your excitement radiating through my computer screen.

Anyway, yesterday I went on yet another hike. Where, you ask? Back to the place that is quickly becoming my favorite, Quoddy Head State Park.

It started out as a beautiful day. At my house, the sun was shining, the sky was blue with only a few big white clouds here and there so I decided, time for a hike. I packed up my camera, hiking gear, and some lunch and headed out. (Oh, my mother went with me so when I say “I” in most of this I mean “we”) I expected it to be as nice at Quoddy as it was at my house. But, you know, this is Maine. Never expect nice weather at your destination. Granted it wasn’t pouring or anything, just foggy.

Foggy!? On the coast!? Naw!

Yes my friends. It was foggy.

I guess the first time I went there with my father, we hit it on just the right day. It was clear then and we could see Campobello, The Wolves, and Grand Manan (all parts of Canada for those of you who aren’t up to speed with your geography). But last time and this time, the fog was so thick we couldn’t see fifty feet out into the water.

Now I thought I was going to get some cool and maybe even spooky pictures of the trails being all foggy. But, my luck, FAIL! The fog pretty much dissipated the instant it touched the shore. Oh well. There was cloud cover which is a photographers best friend when shooting outdoors. It made the light even. No harsh shadows. No bright spots. Etc.

So I took quite a few photos while I was there. 132 to be exact. Man am I glad I use digital. Taking that many with film would cost a fortune.

But anyway, I hiked approximately five miles yesterday. Five freaking miles. Through good and bad spots. Bad spots being mud and rather rough terrain close to the edge of a few cliffs. And lucky for all of you I didn’t fall! Got my shoes completely soaked with mud and muddy water but I didn’t fall!

Oh, right, this is supposed to be about the photography. Oops. So what, I get carried away sometimes. So sue me. (really, don’t sue me, you won’t get much)

Now, on days like yesterday (cloudy/foggy) when I’m on a trail like the ones at Quoddy I tend to like a slightly underexposed image. It gives a sort of dark, moody, almost drearily creepy feeling to the image.

Example #1…

(Specs (for those who’re interested): Camera: Sony A100. Focal length: 20mm. F-Stop: 4. Shutter Speed: 1/13. ISO: 100)

Example #2…

(Camera: Sony A100. Focal length: 35mm. F-Stop: 5.6. Shutter Speed: 1/8. ISO: 100)

So yeah, the trails are pretty cool when they’re not muddy (I have yet to see them in their non-suck-you-down-into-the-darkness muddy state but I‘m sure they‘re nice).

One thing I like about the place is the views. Both without and even with the fog.

Example #1…

(Camera: Sony A100. Focal length: 24mm. F-Stop: 10. Shutter Speed: 1/400. ISO: 100)

Example #2…

This one here reminds me of a scene from Stephen King’s “The Mist.”

(Camera: Sony A100. Focal length: 70mm. F-Stop: 13. Shutter Speed: 1/250. ISO: 100)


Example #3…

I think the fog adds to the feel of the image.

(Camera: Sony A100. Focal length: 30mm. F-Stop: 7.1. Shutter Speed: 1/125. ISO: 100)

Anyway, there’s one more I’d like to share with you folks today. It’s a really neat rock stack that somebody made. This area called Green Point is basically a big rock outcropping and people make these rock formations randomly. I try to take as many pictures of them as I can because they’re never the same the next time I go back. The weather (and other people) take them down and new people come along and build new ones. Some people look down on this but I think it’s neat. A form of expressive art that isn’t hurting anyone or the environment.

(Camera: Sony A100. Focal length: 45mm. F-Stop: 8. Shutter Speed: 1/400. ISO: 100)

Now I traveled/hiked a total of five miles on the trails of Quoddy yesterday. A year ago I wouldn’t have been able to go five steps without being winded. I’m rather proud of myself.

And luck must have been on my side because the weather held out just long enough. As I was heading back to the car I felt a bit of a sprinkle starting (and no, no birds were peeing on me….I checked…). Once I was in the car enjoying my fruit salad an all out downpour started.

Driving back home the rain never let up. I don’t know how my luck worked like that but I like it!

Upon arriving home and checking the mail, I found that my graduate certificate form from the New York Institute of Photography had arrived. Now, did I get that filled out and put in the mail today? You can bet your sweet ass I did. Now I just have to sit back and wait a few weeks for my certificate to arrive and then I’ll be considered an official graduate of the New York Institute of Photography! Whoot!

But I guess that’s all for now folks.

Keep on rockin’ on!




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