Time Is Fleeting

Once again folks, I fail.  Keeping up with this blogging thing on a somewhat regular basis just isn’t happening.  I do apologize though.  My intentions are good… well…most of the time at least.

Things have been hectic lately, and not in a very good way.

First, I had a little battle with the bad luck faerie…(and, she won by the way).  During one of my hiking excursions last month I twisted my ankle pretty bad.  Heard it pop/snap and everything.  Now, just to put this in perspective for people, my foot was almost at a 90 degree angle from my leg when said pop/snap occurred.  The pain was intense.  I’m not sure if I fractured anything but I’m thinking it’s ok since I could still move it and walk on it relatively alright shortly after the accident.  I would have gone to the hospital and had x-rays to be sure but I have zero health insurance and my photography business has yet to take off.  In a nutshell, I can’t afford to get sick or hurt.  Ironic, huh?

But anyway, here it is a whole month later and my ankle still isn’t back to 100%.  I’m normally a fast healer so that makes me think I did quite a bit of damage to it for it to take this long to heal.  It’s on its way though.

A few weeks ago I got my birthday gift early (for those that don‘t know or those that forgot my birthday is the 14th this month. *wink* *hint*).  A brand spanking new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX1.  Oh that baby is sweet.  It has so many features, I’m learning something new each time I turn it on.  For example, it has a panoramic mode where you just hold down the shutter button, pan the camera right or left, up or down, and the camera takes several shots then stitches them together.  Damn right.  Then, there’s the smile shutter.  Smile shutter?  What the hell’s that you ask?  Well I’ll tell you.  It’s this awesome little feature that takes the place of the self-timer (though the camera still has one of those).  You set the camera to the smile shutter mode and it will automatically take a shot when it detects someone smile.  Aw yeah, boys and girls, no joke.  It’s a spiffy little camera.  I’m just wondering what to name it (I have an odd habit of naming my prized, inanimate, possessions).

Now, all the fun I was having with my new camera came to a screeching halt when I found out my aunt was losing her battle with cancer.  I won’t get into the whole story or any of the details for the sake of everyone’s emotional states.  We prayed and hoped that things would get better but unfortunately, the battle was too much for her.  We lost her two weeks ago.  It’s been difficult for everyone but we’re all hanging on as best we can.  Rest in peace Aunt Theresa, we’ll miss you.

In honoring my aunt’s memory and her no nonsense, take care of business, live life to the fullest way of thinking, I jumped back into the saddle as far as photography goes (could I have fit any more clichés into that sentence? Probably, but I won‘t).  Something kind of odd happened on the day my aunt passed.  Some would call it coincidence, others would call it a sign of whatever higher power they believe in.  My front yard was chock full of dragonflies.  Now, my mother adores dragonflies and has been collecting dragonfly paraphernalia for years.  My aunt also adored them, which is what made the whole thing so interesting.  I grabbed my camera and got a few shots of a red and black dragonfly.  I had a bit of a hard time with it because, one, those little buggers are fast, and two, it kept trying to land on my lens.  Kind of hard to focus on something that’s on the lens instead of in front of it.  But I got a few good shots and used one to make a sort of memorial photo for my aunt which I gave copies to her daughter (my cousin), my father, grandmother, and other aunts and uncles.  Now, if the whole occurrence of the dragonflies appearing on the day my aunt died wasn’t odd enough, I found out later, after I gave my father the first copy of the memorial that my aunt’s favorite color was red.  Interesting that it was a red dragonfly that I got pictures of.  Coincidence? Sign? I’ll let you decide.

So anyway, before this turns into any more of a novel, I’ll finish up.  I’ve managed to get some interesting photos lately, which I’ll probably save for another time.  I did however make an interesting photo for my business after much trial and error both with the photo taking and editing in Photoshop.

I guess that’s all for now folks.  Tune in next time for…well…whatever it is I decide to post.

Keep on rockin’ on.




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