Color? Or Black & White?

Since the advent of color film, photographers were left with the choice of shooting in color or black and white.  Today is no different, even with the advancement of digital photography.  Many digital cameras have a Black & White or “monochrome” feature.

It’s true that some photographs have more impact in black and white than in color, but should you utilize your digital camera’s monochrome setting and shoot directly in black and white?

Many photographers will tell you….No!

Don’t panic!  Take a breath!  It’s ok!

This is actually a good suggestion.  Shooting in color leaves you with more options in post production than shooting in black and white.  You can use selective color mixed with black and white, sepia tone, or any other tone you can think of.  Not to mention, it’s easier to convert a color photograph to black and white than it is to colorize a black and white photograph!

So, folks, when it doubt, shoot in color and convert to black and white later.  But remember, if you are going to convert an image to black and white, make sure you save the black and white image as a new file.  Always keep the original color image intact!

Until next time….




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