Make Your Signature Into A Custom Photoshop Shape

For those new to the world of Photoshop (all two of you out there), making custom brushes or shapes may sound like a daunting task but it really isn’t that bad.  Sure there are a few steps and it might get frustrating if you lose your place but time, focus, and practice is the key.  Once made, brushes and custom shapes can make your life a whole lot easier.

While creating some brushes to watermark my photography, I came across a tutorial online that showed me step-by-step how to take my signature from the page to a custom shape in Photoshop.  And, from this custom shape, you can make a custom brush.

Instead of me writing out all the steps, it might be easier on all of us if I just point you to the tutorial I stumbled across –>” Turn Your Signature Into A Photoshop Custom Shape.”

This tutorial is straight forward, detailed, and not too difficult to follow for those Photoshop savvy folks.

Now what to do with this custom shape once you’ve made it?  Well, that’s up to you.  You can use it like a watermark like I talked about a few posts back.  You can photograph (or scan) artwork, bring it into Photoshop, and use your custom brush to apply your signature.  Or you can do like I did a while ago and take some small address labels and make stickers with your signature on them (they‘re handy to apply my signature to prints)!

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity.  Give it a try!

Until next time….




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