Instagram Camera In The Works?

I‘ve never used photography sharing sites like Flickr and Instagram, but I know of several people that do and swear by them.

Recently, I came across an article about an “Instagram Camera” that’s in the concept stage.  It actually sounds pretty interesting.  Even though I don’t currently use Instagram, I think this camera would be a really cool addition to the world of Photography.

Check it out here.

I figured I‘d spread the word for those of you that may be interested!

Until next time!




2 responses to “Instagram Camera In The Works?

  1. haha thats a pretty nice concept! i can imagine millions of people buying it if it ever gets realized. i use instagram quite a bit, ever since it hit android. great idea, that app.. and this camera seems to be heading in the right direction too..although without backing from instagram, its probably not gonna happen


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