Ten Beautiful Places

While perusing Facebook one day, I came across a link my little cousin shared on her wall.  It was to a post on Buzzfeed.com entitled “10 Beautiful Places in the World That Actually Exist.”

Being a photographer, I was curious.  What places made it on this list?  Where are they?  So, I checked out the post.

I have my favorites from this list, namely the “Wisteria Tunnel” in Japan, the “Crooked Forest“ in Poland, and “Plitvice Lakes National Park” in Croatia (that “Magic Mountain Hotel” and the “Tunnel of Love” look pretty awesome too!).  What are your favorites?

This Buzzfeed post sparks my curiosity.  If you were asked to make a list of ten places in the world you’d like to visit (to photograph or just to see), which places would make the cut?

I’ll make a list to share with you folks in weeks to come.  Will you make a list to share with me?

Until next time…




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