Fall Foliage…WIN…[^_^]…


A few weeks ago, as I mentioned, I had hoped to get a nice photograph of the fall foliage to share with you folks.  At that time…I failed.  Well, the foliage around my house failed.


But rejoice!  I have finally succeeded as I hoped I would!


While on a hike up Tunk Mountain, I managed to catch a few images of some totally unexpected, nice, and bright foliage.  It was quite surprising because at the head of the trail, all the trees were either bare or the foliage had already gone past.  I suppose the shelter from the wind created by the surrounding forest coupled with the cool nights and nice days we’ve had here in Maine this past month, left the trees in this area with some decent foliage.  Woot!


So, to make up for my lack of a foliage photo when I said I’d give you folks a foliage photo, here are two.  Enjoy!







Until next time…






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