Buck Butt!

One would think that living in Maine, I would see moose and deer on a regular, almost daily basis, right?  Well, I’ve lived in Maine all my life and I don’t see deer half as often as people who live outside this state think.  And, I’ve only seen four or five moose in my life.

Those of you who follow and read my blog on a regular basis are sure to know by now that I walk and hike as often as I can.  I figured that being in the woods that often would increase my chances of seeing these majestic creatures tenfold.  Sadly, that hasn’t been the case thus far.

But, every once in a while, I catch a fleeting glimpse of a deer when I’m not expecting it.  Usually, the glimpse is so fleeting that I don’t even have time to lift my camera.  But, luck Gibbs Slapped me a while ago (if you don‘t know what a “Gibbs Slap“ is, go watch NCIS.  You‘ll learn).

One day, about two weeks ago, my mother and I were on our way back from hiking, stoked that we had found a new trail in Lubec, but bummed that we didn’t see anything besides birds and squirrels.  We were driving along like usual when what should dash across the road in the middle of Machias?  A young buck.

At first I didn’t see him because I was looking out the passenger window, but my mother’s excited calls of “Deer, deer, DEER!  Camera, camera, CAMERA!” got my attention.  As she pulled the car to the side of the road, I managed to snap a quick shot of the buck.

Why is this a big deal to me?  Well, up until now, every deer I’ve ever seen has been female (every living breathing deer I‘ve seen, that is).  This was the first living buck I’ve seen.  So…Huzzah!!

Sadly, he was walking away at the time so I got a nice shot of his backside.  [-_-]  But still, I got a photo of a buck!  Yay, Bambi!!

So, folks, always remember to drive safely and keep an eye out for wildlife!  You never know when they’ll grace you with an appearance.

Until next time…




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