Season’s Greetings

A small but awesome perk of being an artist and photographer is the infinite creative possibility when it comes to cards.  Business cards, post cards, greeting cards, and especially around this time of year, Christmas cards.

Every year, I design and print my own Christmas cards with my photography.  I suppose I could use those online services where you upload a photo and pay them to print the cards for you, but that would take a lot of the fun out of it for me, and for those that have come to enjoy my cards.

This year, I dug into my photographic archives for the image I used as I didn’t have any current “Christmas-y” or winter photographs (we had an extremely mild winter with very little snow last year).  But, after some searching, I was successful.

Since I’m unable to send a card to all of you who follow my blog, I’ll make due by offering you a digital version in this week’s blog.  Huzzah!

Icicle on a Pine

“Christmas is a time for
Peace, Love, and Joy.

May your holiday be all you hope for!

~ A. May”


Until next time….

Merry Christmas, folks!  Have a safe and happy holiday!




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