First Shot of 2013

Happy New Year, folks!   Yes, it’s me, your friendly photographer from Maine, back for another year of photographic awesomeness (and hopefully some humor to boot).  I’m going to try and keep up the same pattern as last year and turn out a new blog post every Monday morning.  That’s my resolution for the year, or one of them at least.

That being said, I figured I would share my first photograph of the year with you ladies and gents.  This was taken from my kitchen window on January 1st at six AM while I was waiting for my cats to finish their breakfast.  It was a nice way to commemorate not only the first sunrise of 2013 but the fact that the world didn’t end on 12/21/12!!  Huzzah!!!

First Sunrise of 2013

I wish you all luck in keeping any resolutions you made!

Until next time…




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