Ideas For Presenting And Displaying Photography

When you think about presenting or displaying photography, what comes to mind?  The traditional frame, right?  Of course.  That’s…well…traditional.  Nothing wrong with traditional aside with the fact that it can be just a bit boring.

There are other possibilities.  It all hinges on your needs and the limitations of your mind and creativity.

For example, if you’re posting an image or a number of images online, why not try this neat idea I found online a while back.  Present your images as though they’re part of a film negative.  You’ll need Photoshop or a similar program for this, of course.  You can find the instructions here.

When it comes to displaying photography in your home, office, or wherever, there are ways to get around poking holes in the walls to hang up frames.  Some common and possibly overused/outdated ideas include: making magnets to hang on your refrigerator (you can also get special magnet backed paper to print photos on), mugs, mouse pads (who really uses mouse pads these days anyway?), buttons, t-shirts, etc.  You can also get photographs turned into tapestries or throw pillows.  Some things you may not have heard of include having your photograph printed on wood or a sheet of metal.   That’s right, metal.   You can get your photo printed on a traditional frame type piece of metal, a series of pieces that splits one photo into sections, or you can choose a more untraditional shaped piece.  Check them out here.

Of course there are as many ideas for presenting and displaying your photography as there are people under the sun (well, maybe not that many, but a lot), so the next time you have a photograph to display, tap into your creativity and step away from the frame.

Until next time…




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