Tiger In The Grass


I have an ongoing list of things, places, people, and animals (both wild and domestic) that I want to photograph in my lifetime.  Tigers are high on that list.  Sadly, I don’t foresee myself going on any type of wildlife safari beyond my yard and local hiking spots in the near (or distant) future, so I’ll have to settle for this, more domestic, type of tiger.  [^_^]

Tiger In The Grass

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this little stray in my blog previously, but she’s been coming around my house for a few years now.  Once we made friends, I adopted her as my official “Outdoor Cat” (she’s just as spoiled as my indoor cats! Food, toys, and all!) and have given her the name Abby (in honor of my favorite NCIS character!).  Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to bring her inside and get her de-fleaed/de-wormed, etc. so she can become one of my house cats.  And, sadly, even if I did have the resources, I don’t think she and my current house cats would get along all that well. [-_-]  But, she seems content with our current arrangement.  She gets fed, has toys to play with, I go out and pet her every time I see her, and she can come and go as she pleases (though I always get worried when I don’t see her for a day or two).  She even knows my indoor cats’ routine, i.e. when it’s time for breakfast and supper.  She shows up on my porch at meal time and stares at the door, waiting to be fed along with my indoor cats.  And if I don’t notice her right away, she’ll knock.  I kid you not!  She’ll rub against the screen door, scratch at it, and bump her head against it hard enough that it sounds like she’s knocking on the door.  It’s a wonder she doesn’t knock herself out doing that.

As you can see in the following photo, she’s what’s called, triple pawed (she has two extra toes/claws on her front paws).

Abby on the Porch

Be nice to your local strays, folks.  Try and get them some help.  Find them a loving home if you can’t give them one yourself.  And, at the risk of sounding like good old Bob Barker, do your part to help control the stray population.  Have your dog or cat spayed or neutered.

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