Going Stir-Crazy

Most of my readers know by now that one of my favorite things to do during the summer is to go hiking.  Sadly, for reasons beyond my control, I haven’t been able to do that for the past two months.  I haven’t even been able to leave my house for the past month and I’ve been going stir-crazy wanting to get outside.

Finally, yesterday, I was able to get outside before my head exploded.  I finally went hiking.  Where?  Where else!?  My favorite hiking spot, Quoddy Head State Park in Lubec, Maine.

Not only are the trails at Quoddy beautiful, but there are several points and overlooks that shouldn’t be missed.  Green Point is one of them.  Every time I get to Green Point I’m met by new an unique rock cairns.  Now, these shouldn’t be confused with cairns that mark a trail.  The cairns at Green Point serve no other purpose than to be interesting for others to see.  Art.  I, myself, have built a few in the times I’ve visited Quoddy.

Quoddy Rock Stack

Sometimes, I’m amazed by the complexity of the cairns I find at Green Point.  Whoever built this one must have taken their time.

So, next time you’re out hiking, don’t just stop and smell the roses, stop and take a minute to appreciate any cairns you find, whether they’re for show or function.

Until next time…




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