Winter Wonderland

Hello again, folks.  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, Yule, Hanukah, etc. last week.

Speaking of last week, my state got hammered with a rather intense ice storm.  Not as intense as the ice storm that hit us in 1998 (remember that one, Mainers?), but intense none the less.  Everything was covered in a layer of ice, and now, a week later, everything is still coated in ice, but with an added blanket of snow.  The ice was so thick and heavy, it bent many trees completely over.  Granted, it is pretty when the sun shines, but I’m sure the trees don’t appreciate it.

Ice Covered Tree

Have a safe and happy New Years, everyone.  And to all my Maine readers (and other New Englanders that read my blog), travel safely on those icy roads!

Until next time…




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