New Trail…Fail…Again…


This past weekend, there was finally some decent weather. No rain and not too humid. So, I decided to get out and try to locate another new trail I read about.


I found the road but unfortunately couldn’t access the trail itself because the access road was so overgrown with brush and downed trees.




So, as a backup, I decided to head over to the Hamilton Cove Preserve to check out the Benny’s Mountain trail I hadn’t hiked the last time I was there.


Fail number two as that trail was also overgrown so much it was completely impassable.


On to my second backup and trusted standby of Quoddy Head State Park. There I managed to salvage the day with a decent hike (hiking is always decent there) and some pictures of several interesting rock stacks out at Green Point.


Transformer Rock Face



Now, is it just me, or does this kind of look like the face of a Transformer? [o_O]



If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Hell, try as many times as you need to!



Until next time….






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