Autumn is Awesome


I think I may have mentioned this before but October is my favorite month.  For three main reasons.  One, it’s the month of my birth (yay!).  Two, Samhain, my favorite holiday is in October (or Halloween for the non-pagan folks who buy into the commercialized holidays).  And three, it’s autumn.

Autumn is by far my favorite season.  I just wish it was the longest season instead of the shortest.  The crisp air, the weather that’s not too hot nor too cold, the brightly colored foliage….

Each autumn I try my best to get at least one or two really good foliage pictures.  It may be a single brightly colored tree here, or a group there, but from the first day of autumn, the hunt for the best foliage picture of the year is on.

This year, like previous years, wasn’t that great here in Maine where the foliage was concerned.  The trees turned early (those that turned at all, that is), went by pretty fast, or the wind took the leaves off the trees before they had a chance to turn.

That being said, I did manage to snap a few decent pictures when I went hiking a while ago at Screw Auger Falls (funny name, I know) and Moose Cave.

Screw Auger Falls Park Bench


Fall Colors at Screw Auger Falls


Moose Cave Stairway


Moose Cave Path


Yay, autumn colors!

Until next time…




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