Moose Tracks…

( *Note*  As some of you may know, there was a double post last week (by double post I mean two posts on one day), “Bird Seed For…Deer?” and this one.  It was my own goof that they were both posted on the same day.  That’ll teach me for not double checking the date when I schedule a post. 

Forehead?  Meet palm!

Anyway, to those of you who read this post last week, feel free to skip it and come back next week.  To those of you who didn’t catch it last week, well, here you go…!)



And I‘m not talking about the famous ice cream.  I’m talking real tracks from real moose.


Recently, I went hiking at Quoddy, looked down, and saw this…


Moose Track


I‘ve lived in Maine all my life and have seen only a handful of moose.  Sadly, I‘ve never been able to photograph one.  But I see tracks a lot while I‘m out hiking.  And these tracks were big.  They may not seem like it in the photograph, so to put things in perspective, I took a picture of the same track with my foot next to it.  Now, I have big feet.  I wear a women’s 12 (or a men’s 10).  This is one big moose!



Moose Track - Foot Size Comparison


I followed this thing down the entire trail but didn’t see it once.  The tracks were fresh and the scat was fresher.  I guess I just don’t have the best of luck when it comes to catching wildlife other than birds and squirrels on the hiking trails.  I haven’t even been able to catch a picture of a deer while hiking (just in my yard at home)!



Until next time…






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