Blood Moon Eclipse


At the end of last month I convinced my parents to go on a little one night camping trip with me.  I just wish my brother could have been there.  [-_-,]


When we settled into our campsite, which was right on the water of Cobscook Bay, I noticed someone had made a little rock cairn on a boulder a few yards out from the high tide line.  It was pretty neat.


Cobscook Cairn


And, come to find out, we timed the trip perfectly.  The night we were there, the blood moon eclipse occurred.  Sadly, I wasn’t really prepared photographically.  I had my camera, but I didn’t have my tripod which I ended up needing.  So, sadly, my shots of the red shadow on the moon from the eclipse didn’t come out so well.  I did get a few decent shots of the moon rising though.  Here’s one…


Moonrise at Cobscook State Park


It was actually a decent camping trip.  My parents and I thought it was going to be unbearably cold where we’re getting into fall and the temperature tends to drop at night here in Maine, but it was actually quite nice.



Until next time…






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