The Gnome Has A Name!

Last week I mentioned how I found a new partner in crime for photography on my hikes and I asked my readers if they had any suggestions for names other than “Norm the Gnome“ as that‘s the name of the gnome my mother has (I got her into photography a long time ago and photographing figurines recently)…

I received one reply on my Facebook page. Just one. Kind of sad seeing as I have over 100 readers/followers. Are you folks awake out there?

Anyway, the suggestion was spot on so I guess that makes up for it.

Meet Martin “Marty” McGnome! (Thanks Nikki!) [^_^]


Mr. Martin "Marty" McGnome

Mr. Martin “Marty” McGnome



Marty McGnome 02

Expect to be seeing more from my adventures with Mr. McGnome along with a few new characters in the future.


Until next time…




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