What In Hyrule…!?

By now my more frequent readers know well that I’m a nerd/geek/intellectual badass, call it what you will. I’m an avid reader, gamer, and collector of nerdy stuff like action figures. And, by now, my readers know that I like to take some figures along with me when I hike and insert them into scenes around me which I then photograph (as evidenced by my images of Martin McGnome and his family).


Well, I have a new character that I’ve added to my action figure arsenal. I’m sure some of you out there who are into video games will recognize him.


He’s the Hero of Hyrule. The Hero of Time. I’m talking, of course, about Link from the Legend of Zelda!


I recently took Link on a trip to my go-to hiking spot, Quoddy Head State Park. About a half a mile down the coastal trail (it feels much farther when you hike it though) is a spot I’ve talked about and photographed countless times called Green Point. The day I went, Green Point was covered in cool rock stacks, Cairns as they’re known in the hiking circle (it’s a cool circle, you should join it if you’re not already a member!).


While photographing some of the rock stacks on their own, I saw a super cool shot forming in my head. Then, while my hiking partner (my mother) went off to check something out a few yards away, I got to work setting up the shot with Link.


Voila! It looks like something straight out of a Legend of Zelda game! At least, it does to me!



What in Hyrule...?



You can almost hear what Link’s thinking (as he’s mute in the games, but if you‘re a gamer you already knew that) as he looks out over the landscape he needs to traverse on whatever quest was laid out before him…
“What in Hyrule…?” Sorta like an “Oh crap, I have to cross this!?”

See? Told ya I’m a nerd. [^_^]



Anyway, expect to see more from Link. He’s already making himself at home in my action figure arsenal.


Until next time…




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