Labor Day



So, today is Labor Day.  I hope everyone has a nice holiday, whatever your plans may be.  And I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, please, if you’re going to partake of any alcohol at whatever event you plan to attend, please drink responsibly and have a designated driver.  Better yet, BE the designated driver!



I went camping this past weekend completely forgetting that it was Labor Day weekend.  The entire campground was packed to the brim but I was lucky enough to get a decent site.  While sitting in front of the fire in the evening, I decided to take a few artsy shots of the dancing flames and glowing embers.  I like photographing campfires because due to the unpredictable nature of fire, you never know how the shot will turn out each time you press the shutter button.




Labor Day Campfire



Labor Day Campfire Art 1



Labor Day Campfire Art 2




Link also got in on the action for a brooding silhouette shot.



Link in Silhouette






Until next time…








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