Every time I go out for a hike I’m always excited when I catch a glimpse of wildlife I don’t see on a regular basis.  Most often I see only squirrels, chipmunks, and common birds like crows, ravens, blue jays, and seagulls.


I still haven’t seen a moose that’s stood still long enough for me to get a picture (and I’ve lived in Maine my whole life), and the only time I really see deer are when they come into my yard.


I’ve seen and photographed a few eagles and each time I see one I’m always filled with awe.


Most recently I was on a hike down a trail I hadn’t been on since the first time I hiked it over a year ago.  That first hike happened in the height of summer when it was so stiflingly hot and the trail was plagued with black flies, mosquitoes, and horseflies (which I think I may be allergic to) that I was in no real hurry to hike that trail again.  But once the days turned cooler this year, I decided to take a chance.  I’m glad I did.


The trail has a main loop but also an offshoot that takes hikers down to the beach of a little cove.  While I was sitting on a rock on the beach having lunch, my hiking partner got my attention with one word….  “Seal!”


I looked up and out in the bay was not one, not two, but almost twelve of them (what is a group of seals called?  A herd?  A pod?  I guess I’ll have to do some research).  We sat and watched them as the tide slowly started to recede.  I took several pictures and even a little video as they were vying for the best spots on the rocks to sun themselves.  We even witnessed what had to be the alpha male get into a little slap-fight with another seal that was trying to conquer the same rock.


This guy had to be the alpha male

This guy had to be the alpha male


Slap-Fight between the alpha male and a challenger

Slap-Fight between the alpha male and a challenger



Seal Call

It was a pretty awesome day that could have easily never even happened if I hadn’t decided to try that trail again.



Until next time…





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