Farewell 2016


It’s time to bid 2016 farewell. Today marks the last Monday of the year, thus this is my last blog post of the year. Next Monday will not only bring with it a new year, but a slight change in my blogging schedule.

Instead of a new blog post every Monday, I’ll be posting a new blog every OTHER Monday. Aww, I can feel your sadness.

I made this decision so that I could start focusing more on my other writing projects in the year to come. My hope is to be able to finish my second novel and start looking into avenues of publication.

I will make a new post next Monday to kick off the new year, so I’ll leave you with this random photo of a chipmunk I took earlier this year…





Hey, Chip! Where’s Dale!? (ba-dum-tss  *sound of crickets*)




Until next time…






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