Pretty Waterfall



Quite some time ago, I headed out for a bike ride at the Bangor City Forest (I’ll post a few pictures from that trip in another blog post at a later date). On the way home I decided to finally stop and check out some public land I pass in Amherst every time I take a trip to Bangor.


The trek down the dirt road had me a bit concerned since there were so many twists and turns and no trailheads in sight for quite some time. But, I pressed on and eventually spotted a small sign for one of the many trailheads in the area. I continued on and just happened to spot a pretty little waterfall by the side of the road. So, I found a spot to park, walked over, and took a few photos.




It seems I’ll need to do a little research on the area and find some maps of the trails before I pay the Amherst Public Lands another visit.




Until next time…





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