Finding A New Local Trail

It’s always awesome when I stumble upon a new trail.  Especially when it’s local.

Recently, I found that the trail system in Machias had been expanded.  I’m not sure when this happened.  For all I know, these trails could have existed all along and I just never realized it.

Anyway, I decided to check out the new portion of trail.  Along the route, I came across an old car (I think it was a station wagon), rotting into the ground.  Every time I come across a crumbling vehicle in my hiking adventures, I always wonder about them.  Who did they belong to?  Why were they left?  And how did they get here?

As I was circling the car, taking a few pictures, I noticed something both odd and funny…


This little dude was just hanging out and again, I got to wondering what the deal was with him. Who made him? Who put him here? Why?


The things you find when hiking.



Until next time…






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