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The Shiznit (Volume 1)

Ok, so right now, I’m freaking….how you say….Stoked!

Why, you ask? Well let me tell you!

Up point numbah 1! My photography lights got here Wednesday and they rawk! Everything works and is in tip top shape. I must say, I am one savvy shopper! I can’t wait to get the electrical wiring done in my office so I can fire those lights up and make some magic!

Up point numbah 2! My printer finally decided to behave when I changed out the ink cartridges (apparently the printer thought it would be funny to tell me I had full cartridges when they were near empty). So after that and another slight snag got fixed I went on a printing spree in which I completed my task of printing, matting, and framing my photos. SWEET! So now, I’m all ready and set to go for when my professor gives me the green light to throw everything up in the gallery! I can’t wait. It’ll be awesome to have my own show. The senior show I had was kind of like having my own show but not since I had to share the gallery with another girl.

So my To-Do List is slowly getting smaller. I’ve knocked it down from five to three. I think my reward/punishment system is working quite well.

Now, a wile ago I thought up an awesome idea for a book. The sad part is, I’m not going to share the details on it with people just yet. Heh. Evil. I know. But I’ll just leave it there and let people ponder if they so choose.

Moving on…

I decided I’d like to try and answer a recent call for artists from none other than the amazing Klayton.

Apparently he wants graphic artists to submit some of their work that is inspired by chapter one of his new album “Wish Upon A Blackstar.” I have a vague idea of what I’d like to do but I’m not sure if I can pull it off. And I have only until the 15th to do it. Let’s see if I can do the impossible here. If I do pull it off and it gets chosen, I’ll proudly present it for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Keep your fingers crossed, mon ami!

And as always…

Keep on rockin’ on!




*insert catchy title here*

So, Friday, I went to a gallery opening at my old college. It was the annual art faculty show. My professors Greg, and Bernie had their work up. I was extremely impressed with it all.

Greg has a style so completely his own, it’s amazing. He inspires me to get back into my painting again though I don’t know if my procrastinative nature will outweigh the inspiration and nullify the whole process or not.

And Bernie. Man. What to say about his stuff but, spectacular. His multimedia collages were, well…spectacular! Again, I’m inspired. Damn you lack of motivation! *shakes fist*

I saw several of my old professors that night and some people I had classes with. They all complimented me on my weight loss and my hair style! Woot!

Saturday, I went to Portland to see my books on display at the USM library (The Glickman Family Library, 7th floor, Great Reading Room). It’s not like I forgot what the books I made looked like or anything. It was just the thrill of seeing them displayed in a collection of works from students all over the state.

Not only were my books in the show but they were featured on the invitations/announcements. Bernie called me up a few months back and asked if I could do the photography for it. I jumped on the chance and now have a nice little piece to add to my resume! Woot again!

And for a nice little surprise, when I got home, what was waiting for me in the mailbox? The stuff I had orderd from (the Celldweller merchandise I had oogled over before caving in and buying)! Two shiny new cds, two spiffy dog tags, two huge stickers, and a three button pin set! Aw yeah. Those cds are already loaded on my iPod and have been listened to several times! The stickers I have yet to find a decent place for and the button pins are going to go on my purse and jacket. Not like you people care what I’m going to do or what I did with the stuff I bought, I just like to rant. 🙂

Onward now. It’s Sunday, and what happens today? I find that I’m coming down with a freaking cold. What the hell!? It’s spring! I shouldn’t be sick! Damn it all!

I’m done for now I guess. Maybe I’ll post something worth reading later.

Keep on rockin’ on!