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Greetings 2018

It’s officially the first day of 2018. Happy New Year everyone!

So, the past week hasn’t been very kind in terms of weather in my little corner of Maine. For a few days around Christmas it snowed, and when it stopped snowing, it was so cold it was pretty much impossible to enjoy the outdoors without being bundled up in so many layers you couldn‘t even move. So, I’ve basically been stuck inside.

For that reason, I have no pretty nature photos to share with you folks on this first day of the new year. Instead, I’ll share a shot I took a while ago of one of my cats being cute. Her cuteness is nothing new around here. In this shot, she was investigating an open bin that was left in the living room. As everyone with cats knows, whenever you move something or bring something new into the house, the cat(s) must investigate.



Here’s to hoping I can get back outside soon. Maybe I’ll actually be able to utilize my snowshoes this winter, unlike last winter…and the winter before that…and the winter before that…



Until next time…