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Snow Drift Abstract Art…Round 2


Almost two years ago to the day (strange how that worked out) , I made a post about snow drifts around my house and how they seemed like abstract art (check it out here).


Well, here we go again!


As I mentioned before, over the past few weeks, my region of the States has been hit with several major snow storms. My little corner of Maine was no acceptation. Though compared to places like Boston, we got away relatively easy.


Now, to set the stage for this post’s image, I should start by reminding folks that the wind around my house is a bit strange. Instead of a typical wind coming from one direction, we get winds that circle. I call them, Ninja Winds. One second they’re rushing toward you, the next they come at you from a completely different direction, catching you off guard. As a result of this, I get rather large snow drifts in my yard and driveway.


So what did I do? Well, before I had the snow blocking my driveway cleared, I trudged through some of it to get a few pictures.


Huzzah! More natural abstract art!



Snow Drift Abstract Art 2



Until next time…






Snow Drift Abstract Art

Last week, New England was hit with a big snow storm.  Some areas were hit worse than others and a lot of people lost power, roads were closed, etc.  But fortunately, my area escaped relatively unscathed.  We only received about a foot of snow (if that) and heavy winds.


The wind around my house is a bit strange.  Instead of the usual one directional wind, we get winds that circle us.  One second you’re walking into the wind, the next it comes at you from behind and hits you like a ninja.  This kind of wind tends to make rather large snow drifts in my yard and driveway.  I decided shortly after the storm passed (and when the winds were quiet) that I would take a little walk around my house and see what the snow drifts were like.  As usual, I had my camera with me and took quite a few images of random shapes and lines left in the snow by the wind.


Huzzah!  Natural abstract art!


Snow Drift Abstract Art


Now, am I the only one that thinks this looks kind of like a face?  [o_O]  Hmm..


Until next time…