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Dew Drop


Recently I’ve been a little too busy to get out and really concentrate on my photography.  Not only have I been focusing on one of my cats, who now requires daily medication and weekly fluid treatments, but I’ve also been hard at work on my second novel (even though the first could use more work… A lot more).


But, I take a minute each day to step outside and visit the resting places of the three cats I’ve lost over the years (I dislike saying “graves” as it feels a bit too morose when referring to the pets I love and miss).  As I was kneeling at the stone of my most recent lost friend, I looked around at all the dew covered clover and this caught my eye.


Dew Drop

This dew drop is pretty much a perfect sphere.  It reminds me of a little crystal ball.


Anyway, apologies if this week’s blog post seems like a bit of a downer.  I didn’t intend it to be.  Hopefully I can do better next week.



Until next time…






Dew Drops

Every once in a while I like to take a few random photographs of whatever happens to be close to me at any particular moment.  Sometimes it’s a person, pet, building, tree, plant, etc.  This time, it happened to be dew drops on some clover.

Dew Drops on Clover

If you’re ever stuck for ideas in your photography, or happen to want a few shots without going far, just look around yourself.  Look up.  Look down.  You’ll find something.

Until next time…