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Dragon Family


Greetings all. Last week I showed you a few shots from Daemon’s first trip to the beach. I also told you that, this week, I’d introduce you to his family.


Well, meet Daemon’s mate, Isadora, and their hatchlings Danae (female), and Iskandar (male). Danae is on the left, looking at Daemon, and Iskandar is on the right looking at Isadora. The third hatchling hasn’t hatched yet so we’re not sure if it’s male or female, thus, it hasn‘t yet been named. I’ll keep you posted on that one though.


Dragon Family


I don’t think Isadora and the hatchlings will be as active in photo shoots as Daemon. At least, not quite yet. As you can see, Isadora has a bit of an attitude. Maybe that will calm down once the hatchlings are older, and maybe then, they’ll join Daemon on some outings. d_[^_^]



Until next time…