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Personally, I’ve never been photobombed, but I’ve seen it happen.  Before I go any further, I should explain to those of you who don’t know what photobombing is.  It’s when an uninvited person jumps into a photo at the last second.

I’ve seen a wide range of photobombings.  Everything from teen girls shooting selfies when a friend (or not a friend) crashes the shot, to drunk wedding guests stumbling into the posed shots of the newly wed couple.

But people aren’t the only ones that photobomb.  Oh no.  Our animal friends are no strangers to photobombing.

Check out some hilarious examples here.

Have you ever been photobombed?

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Nature’s Humor

As a photographer, it’s always important to develop your creative eye.  To look for the things in your environment that other people don’t notice.  To be on the lookout for new and interesting subjects to photograph.  Sometimes nature can help you out.  With a little humor to boot.

For example, last week, I took a trip to the beach near my house and I came across a rock with an unusual pattern that had seaweed clinging to one side of it.  I’ll admit, I giggled before I took this shot.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a face in a pattern in nature, but I think this is one of the more silly ones I’ve come across!

Silly Rock Face

Keep an eye out for Mother Nature’s little spurts of humor!


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Fun With Action Figures!

Those who know me, know that I’m what you call a geek, or a nerd.  I read Manga, watch anime, play video games, and collect action figures (don’t call them toys, toys are for kids [-_^]).

It used to be that it wasn’t every day you came across a geeky/nerdy girl.  Now, we’re everywhere!  Mwa ha ha ha!  Eh…I mean…Huzzah!  Geeks unite!

Anyway, it’s not something we should have to hide.  If you like something, wear it on your sleeve (unless you’re into Twilight, keep that junk secret ‘cause it’s…well…junk).  I don’t hide my geekness from the world.  Obviously where I’m writing about it!  I can usually hold my own with the boys when it comes to conversations on things ranging from comic super heroes, to anime, to Dr. Who and beyond.

Why am I telling you this?  So glad you asked!  The weather is still being disagreeable so I’ve found myself stuck inside my house much longer than I hoped to be.  To make things worse, my little rose plant has stopped offering new buds.  I think I need to replant it in a bigger pot soon.  So where does this leave me when it comes to photography?  Stranded like every buxom blonde in every horror movie ever.

I was standing in my room recently, in a daze, wondering how I could fill the photographic void until I can once again get back out into the wilderness.  That was when I looked up on my bookshelf at some of my action figures.

We stared at each other, me and my action figures, for quite a while, as if to say, “Your move, tread carefully.”  [-_^]  Just kidding.  But I found myself thinking back to when I made a post about “Storm Troopers 365”, a year long photo series done by a creative photographer that used Star Wars Storm Trooper figures and other random toys.  I figured, I could find a way to use my action figures to make a simple, and maybe funny set up for a photo.


Lion-O vs. Sesshomaru

Now, as much as I love you and the ThunderCats, Lion-O, I really think Sesshomaru would take this one.

So, my friends and readers, don’t be afraid to let your geek flags fly!!

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It’s Monday…Again…

Ok folks, if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m attempting to start a little routine with my blogging here.  I’m going to try to keep to a somewhat regular schedule by posting a new blog every Monday.

Care to wager how long I’ll make it before I start to slack off…eh…I mean, lapse?

Well, I probably just jinxed myself by telling you my plans so we‘ll see what happens.

Anyway, it’s Monday again.  The last Monday of January, in fact.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet then send you on your way.

I want to share with you an interesting little site an awesome photographer shared with me a while ago.  Well, he shared it with his entire audience, not just me.  But I thought I’d pass along the enjoyment.  Thanks, Chris!

You Know You’re A Photographer When…

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