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Published Again!

That’s right, folks.  My photography was published again!

During my job photographing publicity images for the UMF theater group’s production of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, I agreed to let a local Maine newspaper, the Franklin Journal, use a few of my images to help advertise the production.

I was expecting the paper to allow just one image to grace a small corner of a back page but to my surprise, when I received a copy of the Friday, April 20th edition, I found that three images were utilized.  To make that even more awesome, two of those photographs made the front page!  The third wasn’t far away, gracing the third page of the paper!


I’m so proud of myself!  I’m also proud of the cast of the show!  They were so awesome to work with!

Until next time…




Rocky Horror Awesomeness…

Last night I had the insane privilege of shooting publicity photographs for the University of Maine at Farmington Theater Group’s rehearsal of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

I adore The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so when this opportunity was brought to my attention, of course I jumped at the chance.

I would like to thank the cast and crew for making me feel welcome and making my job so easy and hilariously fun.

I would also like to thank my cousin, Christina, for suggesting me to the group for this job.  And thanks to the director, Amanda, for accepting Christina’s suggestion and being awesome through the whole process!

I had a blast working with the entire group and I can’t wait for the final performance next Sunday!

Until next time…

“I see you shiver with antici.…pation.”

\m/ [^_^] \m/