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Spoiled Kitties



I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but my cats are incredibly spoiled.  Those of you who love cats probably know exactly what I’m talking about.



Anyway, my cats are so spoiled, they have numerous beds of their own to choose from yet they always seem to end up in a chair or on the couch where my seat was vacated for less than a minute.  They always give me the same look when I come back to my seat too…  “What?  You got up.  Your loss.”  And to show how spoiled they are, I don’t even bother moving them from my seat, I simply find another place to sit.  Sad?  Maybe.  I prefer to say it’s out of love, not that they own the place and simply allow me to live here to feed them and clean their litter box.  [-_^]  I heard a saying once that’s spot on, “Dogs have owners, Cats have staff.”



But, here’s proof…



Lazy Spoiled Kitties


I was ejected from not one, but two seats by both cats.  And what did I do when I returned to said seats to find they‘d been shanghaied?  I tucked in the napping fur babies and found another place to sit.



I’m weak, I know.





Until next time…