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New Trail….Win!…

As an avid hiker, I’m always stoked to find a new trail or two.  On my recent trip to Campobello Island (which I posted about last week), I stopped at the Roosevelt International Park visitor center and grabbed a pamphlet detailing trails in Maine.

I’ll let that sink in….

I had to go to Canada to find new trails in Maine.  What the, what?  Yeah.  One thing Maine is notoriously bad at is promoting hiking trails (and signage. Hardly any signs exist, directing you to trails).

But, I made super use of that pamphlet and found several new trails to add to my hiking itinerary.  I decided to check out one of these new trails a few days ago.  The Hamilton Cove Preserve.

It’s within five miles of my favorite hiking spot, Quoddy.  And in all the years I’ve been visiting, hiking, and raving about Quoddy State Park, I never knew the Hamilton Cove Preserve existed.  Maine signage fail!

Anyway, I checked the trail out and I have to say, I was impressed.  It was a pretty easy to moderate hike and the views of the ocean and Canada’s Grand Manan island were awesome.

Hamilton Cove Preserve Overlook

On to the next trail…

Until next time…