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Valentine’s Day Is Coming…Again

‘Tis that time of year again. The time when loving couples gleefully flaunt their…lovingness, and mush all over each other in private and public, just because they can.

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while now probably know I’m personally not a big fan of Valentine’s day (or many commercialized holidays for that matter). But, as I’ve mentioned before in other posts, a perfect gift for one’s significant other/spouse/partner/really really really good friend (*wink*), would be a portrait. It could be a formal portrait or something a little more intimate like a boudoir portrait.

Gasp! Boudoir!

Yes. Boudoir.

People have a lot of misconceptions about boudoir photography. People have a lot of misconceptions about a lot of things, but that’s beside the point. Boudoir photography isn’t something lewd or vulgar, it isn’t pornography (though some think it is), it’s a tasteful way for people to empower themselves and celebrate their own beauty (and maybe even get their significant other’s heart racing). With that being said, boudoir isn’t just for the skinny “model” types. It’s open to everyone of every shape, size, color, etc.

Another misconception about boudoir photography is that it’s just for the ladies. Well, it isn’t just for the ladies out there. It’s not just for a woman to give a pin up shot to the men in their lives. Men can get in on the fun too, for themselves and for their ladies or partners!

Boudoir photography can range from comical (lounging in a sexy pose wearing a big housecoat with fluffy slippers), to glamour (sexy dresses/outfits), to intimate (tasteful lingerie or even artistic nudes). It all depends on your personal preference and who/what your portrait is for.

Trust me, especially you men out there. The roses, chocolates, and stuffed animals are all fine and good, but something more thoughtful and personal will go a long way. Don’t be afraid to delve into the world of boudoir photography, you might find that you enjoy the liberating experience (and your significant other will enjoy the result just as much!)!

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Valentine’s Day Is Near

I’ve said before that I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  Mainly because I loathe the color pink and because of all the cheesy commercialism surrounding the holiday.  Plus, I’ve always thought that if you love someone, you should be able to show them every day, instead of waiting for a holiday and settle for tossing a card, a rose, and a box of chocolates at them.


I’ve always been the type to give handmade gifts to my friends and family on birthdays and holidays, and Valentine‘s is no exception.  I do this half because I find it much more personal and meaningful than something store bought, and half because I’m too poor to purchase things for people anyway.  [^_^]


Over the past few years, my mother and I (I got my mother into photography when I gave her my old Sony HX1) have been taking photographs of things in nature that look like hearts during our various hiking excursions.  We’ve discovered rocks that are shaped like hearts, moss shaped like hearts, even tree limbs that when viewed from the right angle, look like hearts.


Heart Rock


Why am I telling you folks this?  So glad you asked!  Why buy a cheesy Valentine’s Day card for your significant other, friend, or family member when you can put more thought and effort into it by picking up your camera, looking for a heart shaped something-or-other in nature, and making a card by hand?  Trust me, they’ll appreciate it!


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It’s February!

That’s right, folks.  It’s the first Monday in the month of February.

Why is that significant?  Well, Valentine’s Day (it irks me when I hear people say “Valentime’s“) is quickly approaching.  It’s next Tuesday in fact (just a reminder for everyone).

Now, personally, I’m not a big fan of the holiday (maybe because I despise the color pink and I don‘t really care for the chocolates that come in that famous heart-shaped box) but a lot of people get into the spirit by grabbing up mushy cards, flowers, and boxes of chocolates.

Guys (and you girls too), those types of gifts may have worked when you were five and you wanted to get something for your mom, but they’re so overdone now that they’ve actually become quite boring.  How many people enjoy getting that same box of chocolates every year?

When I see the hordes of cards, cheesy stuffed animals, and candy I think…Last minute.  If the saying is true and it really is the thought that counts well then, shouldn’t the gift reflect the thought?  So, take a moment and put some serious thought and a little effort into your gifts.  Trust me, it will be appreciated ten times more.

Here’s an idea for you, get a two sided frame or a single frame with a mat that has space for two 5×7 prints.  In one side, give your significant other a portrait of yourself.  In the other, write a little message, love note, or poem.  My brother and I collaborated and actually did this for our mother one year for Mother’s Day and guess what?  She cried.  Score!  You know you’ve hit the mark when she (or even he!) cries in a good way!

And just to be more generous (like sharing the idea wasn‘t enough! [-_^]), I won’t even ask to be given credit if you happen to use this little idea of mine!  Though, if you do try it, or some variation of it, it would rock if you sent me an email or left a message on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AudreyMayPhoto) to let me how it worked out for you!

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