Slacker Extraordinaire

So, here I am, playing on the internet when I should be doing something productive.

What could be more productive than playing on the internet?

For me, plenty.

One, I could be printing out some photos and getting them framed. I’d like to be ready when my professor tells me I can put a show up in the campus gallery (and I’m hoping that’ll happen sometime next year or soon after). But somehow I tend to get off on something else when I start that project. Somehow I find a way to procrastinate even though it’s something I know I need and want to get done.

Oi vey. And I’m not even Jewish!

And two, I could be writing. Oh yes. Writing. My novel has sat there, untouched, unloved, and alone for the past two months now. I’m getting to a point where I’m disgusted with myself for it. One of my new year’s resolutions was to write five pages every day, five days a week. I did well in January when I got down about 100 pages but in February, something happened. I missed a day, which turned into two, which turned into a week, and well, next thing I knew, the entire month was over. Yeah yeah, I know, I deserve to be slapped. Just not too hard please.

But speaking of writing, and getting off the topic of this post, I’m thinking of titles. Anyone have any ideas for a title suitable for a science fiction novel?

I know, damn it! Here I am, thinking of titles for my next novel when the first one isn’t even been halfway finished. That’s me though. I start one project and jump to another, then another, then yet another without ever really finishing one. Then either I get bored and abandon one or two completely or, a deadline creeps up and I’m panicking wondering how I’m going to finish everything.

Luckily, I have no deadlines where my writing is concerned (or the photos for that matter). I’ve tried to set goals. Well, I have set goals but attaining them is another story. I’ve tried to set a schedule. Well, I have set a schedule but keeping to it is another story still. Maybe I need someone in an unofficial capacity to set a deadline for me and make up some reward if I meet it or a punishment if I don’t. Maybe that would get me off my ass and make me a bit more productive.

I need help to shake my tendency to procrastinate, to shed my title as “slacker extraordinaire,” and get down to business. I need to get things done but I need a swift kick in the ass to do it. Unfortunately though, I’m not limber enough yet to get my foot into the proper position to kick my own ass. Wanna help?

Keep on rockin’ on!




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