I Fail…Fire Me…

Yes indeed. I fail.

At what, you ask?

Well…Everything apparently.

I could go into a long drawn out rant full of whining, crying, raging, fuming, and a whole other menagerie of emotions but for the sake of space, time, sanity, and the frakers that don’t really care what I have to say and just read this to see if they can use anything against me, I’ll keep it simple…

1.) I’ve been trying to work on my photography course but haven’t been satisfied enough with what I’m producing to actually turn anything in. (Good thing they give you a couple of years to complete this thing.)

2.) I can’t seem to bring myself to sit down and put a pen to a fraking piece of paper. My novel just might end up dying a premature death.

3.) I can’t seem to find a few items I’ve been searching for online….Like anywhere…

4.) I can’t seem to keep this or any other blog, site, electronic communications device updated on a somewhat regular basis like I had hoped at the beginning.

5.) My “friends” seem to have conveniently forgotten that I exist…..Again.

-And finally-

6.) I think I may have permanently damaged my right index finger. The trunk in my room decided to bite me (the lid fell) and now there’s an ache and a lump in my finger near the middle knuckle that won’t go away (and the trunk attack happened over a month ago).

So, I’ll leave it all there instead of launching into some sort of angst ridden sob story. I’ll save that crap for the personal journal.

Yeah, I fail.

I’m so fired.

Keep on rockin’ on….I guess.




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