Time to Adapt

I know it’s been a while folks and I apologize.  But as the saying goes, when it rains, it pours.

Photography, typing, and writing just became a bit challenging for me.  Let me explain why.

Recently my mother and I took a trip into Canada.  Campobello Island to be exact.  We decided to go for a winter hike (we should have brought our snowshoes!).  After our hike, in the process of packing up the car to head home, I somehow managed to mangle my right index finger.  Now for those of you that were unaware of this, I’m right-handed.  Also, almost every camera out there is made right-handed.  So not only is it difficult for me to type and write, it’s awkward for me to take photographs without the use of my index finger.  But like every photographer, and everyone who’s ever suffered a minor injury, I’ll adapt.

It’s strange though.  You never realize how much you rely on your dominant hand until you’re denied the use of it, or a portion of it, due to an injury.  But I guess it’s like that with any extremity.

So as my injury slowly heals, I’m doing my best to make due and forge on in my daily activities.

As a treat, I figured I’d post a few photos for everyone.  Maybe if I can make a few people smile, it’ll help me feel a bit better!  There’s three new photographs for your viewing pleasure. They are: Lonely Bench, Icicle on a Pine, and Winter at Green Point.  Enjoy.

Until next time folks,

Keep on rockin’ on.




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