When Awesome Things Happen

I love it when awesome things happen.  Let me set the scene for you, folks.

Yesterday, (Sunday, March 18 for those of you not following along) I went on a little trip to Quoddy Head State Park (in Lubec Maine) with my parents for a day of hiking and photography.  Two of my favorite things.

In the middle of this hike, my parents and I took a moment to sit on some rocks by the ocean.  The tide was just starting to come in, and the surf was a bit choppy, so there were waves crashing and water spraying left and right.  Now, usually when I try to photograph crashing waves I watch a few awesome spectacles then when I lift my camera, what happens?  The water calms and no waves form.  Then, when I put my camera down, things start up again.  This is where infinite patients comes into play.

But yesterday, either the stars aligned or Poseidon was working with me, whatever the case was, I didn’t have to wait long for an interesting display to kick up.  I saw a massive wave heading toward some rock formations, and mind you, I was rather close to the shoreline, but instead of backing down, I lifted my camera.

This, my friends, was the shot I took away.


Now, after another mile or so of hiking, my parents and I took another break on a rock outcropping.  Again, by some miracle, I looked up at just the right moment and saw one of our country’s most majestic creatures.  A bald eagle.  A bald freaking eagle, folks!  I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I see a bald eagle in the wild.  I’ve managed to catch a picture of one a year or two ago, but I still get that feeling of utter awe when I spot a bald eagle soaring in the air.  And yes, I managed to get a picture of it, but unfortunately, it was as the eagle was flying away from me and I doubt said eagle would appreciate having its backside posted on the internet!  Regardless, it was awesome to see an eagle.  Did I mention it was awesome?  I did?! Ok!

I just love it when awesome things happen.

Until next time…




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