A Camera Bag Alternative?!

While there’s really no alternative to an extensive and well stocked camera bag for a highly involved shoot, there is a way to eliminate the need for a camera bag completely on a short trip be it across the street or across the country.

Enter TEC®, also known as SCOTTEVEST®.

What the heck is that?!  So glad you asked!  TEC® (“Technology Enabled Clothing“), or SCOTTEVEST®, is an amazing revolution in clothing.  One simple vest can hold the entire contents of a typical camera bag and still have room for more goodies!  And it doesn’t stop at vests.  There are jackets, pants, hoodies, and hats!  There are even boxers that have pockets to tote your valuables (and I‘m not talking family jewels here, folks.  Come on! Get your mind out of the gutter!)!

I bought a travel vest from SCOTTEVEST® about a year ago and it’s awesome.  There’s room in this vest for everything from the usual pens, keys, ID, and cell phone to an iPad and even a laptop!  And it looks nothing like the traditional photographer’s vest with all the pockets and compartments visible on the exterior of the vest.  Everything’s inside, hidden, and balanced perfectly.  Trust me, this clothing line is amazing.

Don’t believe me?  Don’t want to take my word for it?  No problem! Go check out the SCOTTEVEST® site for yourself!  You’ll be glad you did.

Until next time…




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