Beyond Photography….Round 2

It wasn‘t long ago that I made a post about other artistic endeavors that I engage in.  Digital art, painting, book making, writing, and jewelry design.

As I mentioned in that previous post, and as I’m sure all of you can see, I’ve had a gallery here on my site showcasing some of my digital art for quite a while (I should probably update that with some more recent pieces, huh?).  I asked what my readers thought about me adding a gallery in which I’d post photos of some jewelry pieces I’ve made and have available for sale.  I received some feedback telling me to go for it.  So, go for it I did!  If you haven’t found it already, look to the right under “Portfolios” and click on “Jewelry.”

Check it out!  Let me know what you think!  If people like some of the pieces I’ve posted here, I just might be persuaded to join the masses and open up a little Etsy shop of my own!

Until next time…




*EDIT 6/24/2017*

I have since removed my jewelry portfolio from the site, but I’ve left the link to my online shop (which is on, not Etsy).


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