Awesome Things That Happen in Nature

There’s no doubt that nature is awesome.  Well, at least to me there’s no doubt.  If you have doubt, then you’re probably not an outdoorsy type person!  I guess that’s ok, but it’s kind of limiting, do you think?  Oh well, to each their own!

Where was I?  Oh yeah, nature is awesome.  But, what’s also awesome are some of the things that happen in nature.  Naturally, that is.

While surfing the site, I came across an article called “10 Amazing Naturally Occurring Phenomena You Need To See To Believe.”  Long title but awesome article.  Check it out.

I have yet to see the Aurora Borealis, but I know I will at some point in my life.  So far it’s always seemed to work out that the sky is cloudy every time they say the Aurora will be visible in my neck of the woods.  What luck I have, huh?

I would also love to see Foxfire sometime too.  That looks really cool.

Now, obviously this is just a very small list of some of the awesomeness you can find in nature.  To experience more, you’ll just have to pack a lunch, get outside, and get into the thick of it.  Just remember your sunscreen on a sunny day, your umbrella on a rainy day, and never ever leave home without your camera!

Until next time…




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