Lighthouse Adventure!

This past Saturday (August 4, 2012 for those of you not paying close attention [-_^]), my parents and I decided to attend an open house at the Little River Lighthouse in Cutler, Maine.

Interesting point number one:  The only way to access this particular lighthouse is by boat.

Now, I haven’t been on a boat since I was a kid and I used to get sea sick so I wasn’t looking forward to that part of the journey.  Luckily, I think I outgrew my sea sickness because the boat ride to and from the island didn’t affect me too much.  Yay!

Interesting point number two:  Before we could even get on the boat, we had to sign waivers releasing the volunteers and the boat captains from any liability should something happen to one of us.  Yay!

Once at the island (which is only 15 acres in size, fun fact), we walked along a wooden boardwalk across the island to the lighthouse.  We toured the keeper’s house which brings me to…

Interesting point number three:  A direct descendant of the lighthouse’s last civilian keeper was there to tell us some history of the lighthouse.  That was pretty cool.

Interesting point number four: During this open house, visitors weren’t only allowed to tour the keeper’s house, we were also able to climb the lighthouse tower.

Not many functioning lighthouses allow visitors to climb the towers unless it’s during a special open house like this or during Maine Open Lighthouse day (September 15th).  Again…Yay!

Right before we headed back to the dock to return to the mainland, we went up into the tower.  Thank goodness I’m not afraid of heights!

I managed to take a few interesting shots during this little adventure and it was awesome to travel to a lighthouse that’s only accessible by boat.  That was a first for me.  I didn’t want to just snap a few shots of the lighthouse head on like you see in postcards (although I did take a few of those…just because I could!).  I wanted to take an interesting shot of the inside of the lighthouse tower.  So I did.   YAY!!

The only downside to the day was the fact that I got a slight sunburn in spite of slathering on sunscreen before I left home.  [-_-]

If you ever have a chance to visit a lighthouse and climb the tower, I would highly recommend you do it.  It’s awesome.

Until next time…




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  1. I love the colors in the brick.


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